I've thought of a thousand ways to start this and nothing clever comes to mind other than just speaking the truth. The truth about finding out during pregnancy that your child has Down syndrome. The truth about discovering the many medical obstacles your unborn baby would soon be facing. Then worse, actually facing them. Facing and conquering unbelievable extremes. Watching your child fight for his life against all odds. Many people think they would not survive such a journey, but you do. And that is why I feel it is my duty to put this journey into words. There are many people out there getting ready to experience their story or are currently struggling through their story at this very moment and I have to say that as I sit here reflecting back on such hard times, I am blessed. And smiling. He taught me that after all. It is important that I paint this positive image in the beginning as what you are about to read will get very heavy, scary, sad and downright overwhelming. But regardless of these trying times and the memories I am getting ready to face, I am very eager to get started. So this is my story or should I say Brady's story. A story about strength, fear, change, anxiety, hope and love. One amazing story that I hope will inspire, motivate, and most of all provide hope to those that have or are currently struggling with their own story. So if you are that person sitting in the same shoes I was 10 years ago, some parts may be a bit overwhelming to read so skip them. But if you choose to read just know that every journey is different and that in the end, regardless of the journey, you are getting ready to embark on something so life changing that you will be amazed that you too one day will want to write something for the entire world to read. But most importantly, know that you are not alone . . .
First, let me introduce my boys . . .
Anthony, my oldest was 4 1/2. He is now 12 1/2 and so special.  He fills my world with his intelligence, sense of humor, sensitivity, innocence, and most of all his inexplicable love and caring for others. He brings me such relief in a world that can be so cruel at times.

Brady, my youngest, was two when I first wrote this. His smile could warm any room. He is my miracle, my heartbreak, my challenge. His desire to learn, to love, and to be loved along with his attitude, resilience, and ability to fight such massive battles gives me my strength each and every day.

Brady, started his life almost 2 months premature with Down syndrome, 5 complex congenital heart defects and 3 major stomach defects all resulting in a whirlwind of events consisting of 9 major surgeries, numerous procedures and many months in the hospital. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start from the beginning.

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